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Barber Services

Appointments required for all barber services

All prices include tax already. No surprises

Standard Haircut                 $40
 Skin/ Tight Fade Haircut                  $45               

Looking for a sick fade or just a trim? Our barbers are highly skilled, licensed professionals ready to work with you to create a GREAT haircut experience.

Standard Haircut+ Beard Trim         $62
  Skin/ Tight Fade Haircut + Beard Trim       $67

The Full Service. Haircut and Beard Trim. 

Beard Trim         $24

For a beard trim only. Please book a haircut and beard trim if you'd like both services together. We do not offer straight razor shaves.

Buzz cut                            $28
Buzz cut w/ beard trim      $48


This is ONLY for one length all over. (This is not a substitute for just the sides or a haircut). 

Re-style/ Long to short           $45
w/ beard combo                       $67

Complete re-style or re-shape or cutting down the mop into a short hair style. Includes creating new mullets, frullets and skullets. 

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